This page provides you with education and clinical research to help build a better understanding of the issues surrounding our Veterans. Most of the research linked here is peer-reviewed and technical in nature, and while that can make absorbing it slow going, it also means that it is substantial, significant, and widely accepted as accurate. (Also, you’ll often find that reading the Abstract and Results is sufficient.) No matter who you are in our community – or beyond – we invite you to learn and share this information.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury – an online course from the Massachusetts General Hospital Psychiatry Academy
  • Expanded list of courses related to PTSD and Anxiety from MassGen
  • PTSD Overview – a list of types and subtypes from the National Center for PTSD
  • National Center for PTSD’s list of courses on PTSD and associated complicating factors
  • Neurobehavioral Impairments – an online course from the Ohio State
  • Coming soon